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June 1, 2022

Trust in Training is Key

Like many aspects of our everyday lives, the digital transformation of the professional training industry has added both convenience and challenge for individual workers and training providers alike. Similar to the pandemic-influenced shift to remote work, individuals can now access essential training programs from anywhere in the world. For training providers, online course offerings have grown exponentially, increasing industry competition and threatening company relevancy.

In today’s training landscape, typical digital badges or PDF credentials inherently lack proof of authenticity. Fraudulent versions are easy to produce and distribute. Individual workers can falsely their career accomplishments by presenting invalid digital certificates, degrees, and designations to potential employers.

For training providers, their organizational reputation with individuals and employers depends on ensuring their credentials are valid and secure anywhere, anytime. Damage can be expensive and long-term in a sector where reputation is everything.

In order to address these new industry challenges, how can training providers confidently ensure that the credentials and certifications they issue cannot be copied, modified or tampered with?

Enter Verifiable Credentials

Verifiable credentials can embed trust in digital training certifications as they are inherently traceable to the organization that issued them, such as a certified training provider or professional association. Verifiable credentials are also tamper-evident using blockchain technology that in turn adheres to strict, globally recognized standards.

By default, verifiable credentials contain characteristics that preserve their intended value. They do not change or alter over time and are typically issued by a competent, decentralized training authority. If tampered with by an external source, it is instantly detected.

Contained with an individual’s digital wallet, verifiable credentials are both portable and interchangeable across trusted, global networks.

How do Verifiable Credentials Work?

In practice, verifiable credentials create a secure communication ecosystem between the parties that issue, manage and verify the credentials. The three components of a verifiable credentials ecosystem are: 

  1. Issuer: training provider that issues the credential
  2. Holder: individual learner who holds the credential 
  3. Verifier: third-party employer that requests credential verification

This verifiable credential model is decentralized, placing the holder of a credential at the centre of the ecosystem, giving those individuals completecontrol of their credentials and identity. The holder can then securely share their credentials with a verifier and micro-choose which details they want to share, an emerging concept known as self-sovereign identity.

Benefits of Verifiable Credentials to Training Providers

Using verifiable credentials gives training providers instant global reach, increasing brand exposure and building trusted relationships with future clients.

Visibility: Maximize visibility of alumni and training programs to grow student base.

Reputation: Enhance industry reputation to promote brand and alumni relations.

Administration: Optimize internal resources with faster response to credential requests and proactive management of course renewals.

Trust: Issue fraud-proof verifiable digital credentials to build trust with your customers.

Work With Us

Proudly Canadian, Credivera is the world’s first open exchange for verifiable credentials. By bringing issuers, employees and employers together in a real-time, decentralized verifiable credential model, we enable professionals to achieve the full value of their career credentials and empower training providers to extend the impact and reach of their programs.

Credivera’s cloud-based verifiable credentials solution collects credential information from valid issuers, verifies it and delivers it to employers with a fixed, tamper-evident record that is secured by private blockchain technology.

Employers can access, view, and manage the digital credentials for their entire workforce through a web-based, portable solution. For individual employees, the Credivera Digital Wallet securely holds all their critical professional information on their preferred mobile device making it easy to read, sort and selectively share.

To stay relevant, organizations that issue credentials – such as diplomas, licenses, professional certificates, and competencies – need to enable secure, authentic digital credentials. Verifiable credentials do just that and allow learners to make the most of their experiences while reducing administrative costs and headaches for your organization.

By creating a safer, self-sovereign, individual-empowered training offering you will support lifelong learning and relationships with your students and their employers. By setting them up for success, verifiable digital credentials offer learners a valuable tool that signals to employers their readiness for the job at hand.

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For a detailed overview of how verifiable credentials can work for training providers, download our latest white paper, “The Importance of Verifiable Credentials to Training Providers”.

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Credivera is the world’s first secure, open exchange for verifiable credentials. A leader in workforce management and digital identity, Credivera gives employees, employers, and organizations that issue credentials increased productivity and control of how important credentials are stored and shared. The Credivera Exchange optimizes personal privacy and trust, with up-to-date verifiable credentials secured in a digital wallet, resulting in reduced risk for all. Founded in 2017, with offices in Toronto and Calgary, Credivera supports regulated industries and global technology firms in over 30 countries worldwide. Get more out of what you know at

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