Credivera for Recruiters

Enable fast and accurate onboarding

The Credivera Exchange

Designed for end to end compliance

Credivera simplifies compliance in highly regulated industries providing proof of workforce training, professional accreditation and competence.

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Better than a badge

Always-on background checking.

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Verifiable Credentials

Keep credentials safe, up-to-date, and at hand.

Instant visibility

Trusted, real-time digital credentials that can be viewed, managed and shared from anywhere.

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Your recruitment Solution

Visibility. Confidence. Control.

Real-time confirmation of the status of your candidates, your clients, and their workforce, for easy candidate-centric recruiting.
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Easy reporting to auditors and regulators with tamper-proof, and time-stamped records of project and site compliance.


Prevent misinterpretation of a qualification and reduce the chance of fraud, or potential errors and accidents.


Meet the latest human capital requirements for employee privacy, with verifiable credentials that show you what you need, and remove liability for things you don’t.

Recruit Better

Work with candidates whose credentials are fully verified. Identity, memberships, training, are always at hand, reducing the time needed to close a placement.

Compliance you can trust

Reduce risk, liability, and uncertainty with required records at your fingertips.


Hire quickly and confidently

Instantly verify training, accreditation, and competence of candidates.

As a safety professional, one of your top priorities is safety training and Credivera has provided us with the ability to monitor and track compliance and to upload and share safety certificates. We trust in Credivera as a one-stop-shop for safety documentation and their customer service is quick and responsive.
Liz Oshionebo
National Safety Administrator
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