Upskill Your Team in 2022

April 25, 2022

The Changing Face of Work

The sudden closure of offices and workplaces all around the world has forced many organizations into the reality of company-wide remote work. Prior to COVID19, roughly 20% of workers had experienced work-from-home or hybrid work, but that number has since spiked significantly to almost 75% since initial lockdown orders were introduced in the Spring of 2020.

Being able to work in the safety of our own homes might have appeared ideal in the early days of the pandemic; however, the reality of working from home has not come without its challenges. Many areas of the experience have proved demanding, including the increased likelihood of overwork, the lack of social interaction and the need for a self-imposed schedule or daily routine.

As 2022 unfolds, many companies faced with a decentralized workforce have several additional hurdles to overcome. If last year was dominated by “The Great Resignation,” this year will be focused on staff retention and nurturing a progressive company culture. Organizations looking to make the long-term transition to remote work as rewarding as possible for all employees will need to adopt a long-term strategy that supports the following areas of team development:

Keep High Performing Employees

A comprehensive employee retention program is a key differentiator in tight talent markets and successful employee retention will be an increased priority for many companies, large and small. A January 2022 survey from Randstad found that 16% per cent of workers said they expected to quit their current job in the next 12 months. It’s no secret that skills development and continuing education is crucial to any individual’s professional development, especially with the ever-changing advancements in technology. If employees know that their employers invest in their skills development and their climb up the corporate ladder (i.e., via course offerings, financial support surrounding education, mentorship programs, etc.),their overall employment satisfaction can trend upwards.

Offer Expanded Training Programs

Professional development and educational opportunities are proven ways to engage and retain existing talent.The best workers will be especially motivated to stay where they are. Providing the ability to learn new skills, promoting from within, and defining a clear career path for all employees can be a significant success tactic.

Expanding Workforce Demographics

Initiatives to bring back retired“boomers” to the reduced workforce can be key to returning employment levels back to pre-pandemic norms. This may mean that HR departments need to provide extra upskilling opportunities for older workers, so they can work more effectively in the unfamiliar hybrid working world. Announced in June 2021, Amazon is one such company offering a paid, 16-week working opportunity with a customized and abbreviated interview process, dedicated support, and personalized coaching and mentorship—and the possibility to transition into a full-time job at Amazon at the end of the program.

The Credivera + We Know Training Solution

We work with We Know Training (WKT), to help companies design and deliver highly engaging training that truly moves the needle on their business goals. With WKT and Credivera, your people receive training credentials that come with direct verification from a trusted network of training providers and associations. Over 150 North American companies have entrusted We Know Training to empower over 5 million learners to date, with a wide variety of customizable training tools to upskill and engage staff for the long-term.

Credivera empowers employees to store their professional digital identity and training records in a secure digital wallet that they can, in turn, share with employers. The employee truly owns what they know, with their qualifications always instantly verifiable, current,and readily at hand. The key to our Issuer Network is the ability to seamlessly integrate your existing workforce management systems with other training and education providers that your workforce uses.

In combination, these innovative workforce solutions can unlock success for you and your team by:

·       Scaling training programs to large, complex organizations and regulators

·       Increasing competence and confidence in the workforce

·       Boosting industry trust and positive market reputation

·       Strengthening employee engagement and retention

·       Mitigating of risk and liability

We Know Training provides customized training solutions for associations, NGOs, and regulated industries.With a powerful LMS platform and custom course design from their instructional design experts, We Know Training offers a comprehensive suite of training solutions,across diverse sectors.

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