TerraHub Technologies


TerraHub Technologies Inc. was founded in Calgary, Alberta in 2017 and is the corporate entity behind Credivera.

Co-founders Dan Giurescu and Elena Dumitrascu were instrumental in bringing blockchain education to businesses, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions in Canada and the US. After two years of market validation, TerraHub began developing a framework for providing real-time verifications with a focus on workforce certifications resulting in the launch of Credivera in early 2021. With a company vision to transform the way the world provides proof of people, products, and processes, TerraHub is also developing solutions to improve asset management and supply chain logistics using digital credentials for verification.


TerraHub is a privately held company with its technology deployed in over 30 countries. As a key contributor to the development of global standards for digital identity through their work and affiliation to organizations such as DIACC, CIO Strategy Council, the Government of Canada, TerraHub Technologies is a transformative participant in the future of verified credentials.

To receive an Investor Presentation or to discuss other applications of the technology, please contact investors@credivera.com.