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Own what you know, share what you want

We empower everyone to manage their credentials from wherever they are, supporting individual privacy and industry compliance.

Empower your team

Verifiable Credentials are secure, tamper-proof and independently verifiable using globally recognised standards. They prove your workforce is qualified and protect your organization. Credivera helps everyone keep credentials safe, up-to-date, and readily at hand.

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Fast-track renewals

Easily view and track upcoming expirations and renewal requirements across locations.

Staying compliant means easy audits

Simply export a location or list of organizational training credential date for auditor and regulators.
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Define the role

Credivera Requirements empowers you to manage and control the credentials for each location with increased security and compliance.
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Streamline security

Increase confidence knowing everyone on location is certified to be there.
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Easier project planning

Enable smoother project management with increased efficiency and predictability.
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Optimize internal talent

Minimize external hiring by maximizing existing workforce skills.

Central access to all information

The Credivera wallet is your direct access to all Verifiable Credentials and Daily Checks.
As a Microsoft Entra Verified ID solution provider, Credivera empowers individuals and leadership with a centralized source of trusted data and make better decisions, faster.
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Simplify HR admin

Save costs associated with tracking employee training and qualifications.

Reduce turnover

Support interdepartmental transfers and reduce time hiring external resources.

Engage your employees

Recognize training accomplishments and encourage peer-to-peer credential sharing.

Protect workers privacy

Stay compliant with legislation that allows workers to share and revoke personal information as required.

Improve audits

Reduce post-project auditing time and reporting requirements

Reduce risk

Pre-approve employees and contractors to enter work sites, reducing fraudulent entry.

Wallet Enhancements

In our next release you'll see additional user features and benefits.

An ecosystem of securely-connected companies with a verified workforce

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Stay connected

Securely connect projects across locations for better workforce management.
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Stay verified

Remove the hassle of third-party verification with easy credential compliance management.
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Stay organized

See vendors assigned to a specific location and ensure they meet all requirements.

Verified Supply Chain

Creating confidence in people, products, and processes with the Credivera Exchange
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1. Verified vendors

Know your people, know your business vendors. Get undisputable confirmation of vendor relations with verifiable credentials.
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2. Verified assets

Improve the transparency and security of your assets with time-stamped and tamper-resistant verifiable credentials.
Credivera allows ABCRC to trace the bottles being delivered, which increases confidence and builds the relationship between us and the depots. With Credivera, we increase the number of recovered containers sold across Alberta.
Guy West
President & CEO
Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation
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Empower your workforce