Credential Management for the Future of Work

We’re heading into perhaps the biggest skills gap we've seen, as we watch a mass exodus of older generations leave the workforce without enough trained workers to fill the gap.

Far from being a tech-forward luxury, online learning has entrenched itself as a mainstream – and often, preferred – modality for workplace training. Access to high quality online learning, especially for high-stakes training in regulated industries, has been a true game-changer that’s provided new skills and opportunities for employees and organizations alike. But its convenience has come with new challenges: primarily, the potential for learner and credential fraud. In an ADP analysis of 2.6 million self-submitted background checks, it was found that: 23% of individuals had falsified credentials or licence details, 41% of individuals had lied on their resume about their education and 44 of individuals had lied about their work history on their resume.

This white paper highlights a new opportunity for managing and verifying training, security and deployment of today's workforce. 

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Learn how Learner Verification and Verifiable Credentials protect your program's integrity. LearnerVerified is a technology offered by We Know Training, which adds a layer of defensible security to any course by ensuring the right person is attending. Verifiable Credentials is a technology offered by Credivera and powered by Microsoft Entra, the first enterprise-grade global platform for identity. They connect recruiters, issuers, employers and workforces with seamless credential verification. Key topics include:

  1. The Future of Work
  2. Learner Verification
  3. Credential Verification
  4. Take On the Responsibility but Not the Risk
  5. Validate for an Employer that a Worker is in Good Standing

Credivera ensures that workforce credentials are verifiable and protected – upholding their unique value.

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