Wellness Works Canada Joins Credivera's Issuer Network

April 26, 2021

Wellness Works Canada is the country’s only workplace health and performance association. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Wellness Works is supporting workplace health practitioners in their training and development, accreditation, and providing them tools to build healthy, high-performing work cultures. We spoke to the founder, Victoria Grainger about her experience joining the Credivera Network and what it meant for this growing organization to offer verified training.

Digital Credentials & Training Providers

Wellness Works Canada is classified as an Issuer on the Credivera Network. They validate certifications, accreditations, and credentials all within Credivera’s easy-to-use platform.  

“It helps us to be able to verify the credentials on an ongoing basis – year to year like other associations and accreditation institutions. Our practitioners need to be able to maintain their professional development so having training that is verified supported those that went through the accreditation process versus someone that could just steal a badge off of a website,” said Victoria Grainger, Wellness Works Canada founder.  

The Problem Credivera Solved

Wellness Works Canada had a process with their current system to track everyone who had taken their certifications but as their numbers grew, it was getting more difficult to sort through that information and to see the status of training for each professional. “The system makes it simple to see where everyone is at and to know when we need to send them a reminder to submit their additional continuing education credits,” shared Grainger. The Credivera Network uses an API to signal directly from a training provider's system into the digital wallet of a student or participant so that their training records are always current, valid, and shareable with the highest privacy controls.

Benefits of Joining the Credivera Network

Offering a digital credential that is verified and shareable for professionals was also good for increasing the organization's industry reach. Grainger commented to Credivera that as their participants shared their digital credential publicly to their peers and on LinkedIn, it also gave the non-profit greater brand exposure and have experienced subsequent growth because of it.  Wellness Works Canada noted that this verification solution supports those that are going through the full accreditation process. A proven digital credential adds a higher standard of credibility for them than providing a regular PDF certificate. Practitioners can share it securely with their employer or on their professional social profile, helping wellness professionals to further advance the importance of creating strong workplace cultures. If a hiring manager or employer sees a verified credential on someone's LinkedIn profile, they know that it is current and valid, otherwise, it would simply not appear due to the nature of the technology. Unlike a regular digital badge, this adds confidence to business leaders that their employee has the skills they say they have at any given moment.

Employer Benefits

Like Wellness Works, many employers spend a lot of time verifying or vetting if someone has the certifications they say they have on their resume or LinkedIn profile. If an employer knows that an individual has an unbiased, validated course or certificate, it saves their human resources team significant time and they no longer have to call or email organizations such as Wellness Works Canada to receive a document of confirmation.

Integration Process

"You’ve made it extremely easy for us. The integration process is simple because you handle all of that in the backend and have been there to make it work for us. It’s been really smooth," shared Wellness Works Canada.

Making Wellness Mainstream

Where does Wellness Works Canada go from here? Founder, Victoria Grainger shared the top goals for this fast-growing Canadian non-profit.

  1. Growing our certification base and getting out there to work with other credential and professional associations.  Although we are the only association that supports workplace health and wellness practitioners, there are a few that overlap such as other HR, CPHR, and occupational health and safety branches. We’re looking at collaborating with them to make it easier for people to work in this field and to advance.
  2. We’ve recently launched a national Workplace Health and Performance Charter so we do a lot of advocacy work.  We’re excited to have a movement where CEOs demonstrate and commit to showing they are supporting healthy high-performing work cultures and spreading these evidence-based practices with other organizations. Our next initiative includes certifying Employers of Choice for doing positive work in that space.  
  3. Growing our training for workplaces and supporting them and employees the tools to be healthy and resilient so they can achieve a high level of productivity.  

COVID-19 & Wellness:

Wellness Works Canada has created Mental Health First Aid Kids that are similar to a regular first aid kit but they help to reduce stigma and normalize conversations around mental health, as well as provide a bunch of tools for mental health. Instead of a Band-Aid you grab an essential oil, a meditation card, perform some mindfulness coloring, or follow a breathing exercise handout.  COVID-19 has created an increased demand and awareness of how important it is to invest in employee health and well-being. Employers want to be agile organizations and invest in their teams to get through it together, and companies recognize that if they take care of their people, their people will take care of the business.  Learn more about implementing the tools from Wellness Works Canada or to consider becoming a certified practitioner by visiting their website.  

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