OPSWA Partners with Credivera to Deliver an Enhanced Member Experience Using Verifiable Credentials

June 13, 2024

Toronto, ON, June 13, 2024 -- The Ontario Personal Support Workers Association (OPSWA) is pleased to announce the deployment of an enhanced member experience with Credivera, an eminent solution provider in secure credential management. This partnership represents a transformative leap in OPSWA’s mission to enhance public safety and revolutionize credential management. By ensuring the highest standards of verification, OPSWA is fostering greater trust from patients and their families, solidifying confidence in the quality and reliability of care provided by their members.  

In collaboration with various stakeholders, including educational institutions, OPSWA will provide a digital wallet to personal support workers (PSWs). This digital platform will enable secure sharing, verification, and protection of essential documents and credentials, leading to a trusted digital identity for PSWs.

“One of the largest threats to the security of the PSWs in Ontario and their patients is the recent proliferation of sophisticated fake credentials.  Without a comprehensive credential validation mechanism in place, our province’s most vulnerable will bear the full brunt of these risks. Partnering with Credivera will put an end to this practice and establish trust to protect the people and their investments in a world-class health care system,” said Miranda Ferrier, CEO of the OPSWA.  "This partnership demonstrates our commitment to establishing new benchmarks in member services and operational excellence."

The OPSWA digital wallet for PSWs represents a cutting-edge tool that offers instant credential verification, authentication, and secure document management. Its primary goal is to simplify and enhance the efficiency of document management and submission processes for PSWs navigating various career stages.

In response to the evolving needs of PSWs, who increasingly seek practical tools and support in their professional journey, the digital wallet leveraging verifiable credentials will empower individuals to take control of their information. By providing an efficient and secure means of managing required documents, the OPSWA digital wallet aims to significantly reduce the administrative burden associated with career transitions, background checks, and registration processes within the PSW sector.

"We are excited to be working with OPSWA to enable PSWs with the power of verifiable credentials. By implementing secure and reliable credentialing solutions, we can confidently ensure that healthcare professionals are thoroughly vetted and highly qualified. This exciting advancement not only safeguards patient trust, but also upholds the highest standards of care," said Dan Giurescu, CEO of Credivera.  

This partnership brings a new vision for a digital future within the sector, demonstrating a commitment to excellence while empowering Ontario’s Personal Support Workers with advanced digital innovation.


The Ontario Personal Support Workers Association OPSWA is the professional association for PSWs in Ontario, bringing standards and recognition to the vocation every day. OPSWA is the largest chapter of the Canadian Support Workers Association (CANSWA), a not-for-profit incorporated legal association and the only one of its kind in the world, bringing together over 60, 000 fully verified PSWs since conception in 2010.  

The OPSWA continuously strives to improve the professional status of PSWs in Ontario through advocacy for excellence and consistency in training, services, working conditions, and value to those we serve. OPSWA has long advocated professionalizing, modernizing, and regulating the PSW industry to protect vulnerable patients, PSWs themselves, and the future of the industry.

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