TerraHub Joins The Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada

February 19, 2021

Terrahub recently joined The Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada, (DIACC), as a committee member for 2021. TerraHub’s role will involve advising and supporting the creation of digital identity frameworks that will shape the future of all Canadians.

The DIACC principles and strategic goals align with TerraHub: solving business and personal challenges associated with a growing global digital economy alongside a privacy-focused mandate.

“A function of protecting personal data and facilitating economic growth will require frameworks that operate across systems and geographical boundaries,” shares TerraHub CTO, Elena Dumitrascu. “TerraHub is excited to continue to be a part of leading the future of our digital identity and shaping the agreements and policies that support Canadians.”

The Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada is a non-profit coalition that aims to provide outreach, innovation, and interoperability to develop a secure, and scalable digital ecosystem that will decrease costs for everyone, drive GDP growth, and improving the service delivery.

DIACC estimates that a sample of lost funds to Canada’s economy is $4.33 billion because we can’t trust digital transactions of people, organizations, and relationships.

To find out more about DIACC and their initiatives including the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework and the work that TerraHub is contributing to, visit

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