Canadian Society of Association Executives

August 30, 2021

Credivera, the leading digital identity platform that provides proof of certifications and work experience, today announces the addition of the Canadian Society of Association Executives, “CSAE”, to its Network. The CSAE offers learning opportunities and designations to over 3000 professionals in the not-for-profit sector.

The CSAE will issue verified digital credentials to members, providing proof of their claims about membership, learning, and professional accomplishments. With their participation in the Credivera Network, CSAE allows their members to systematically share their credentials and accomplishments, and see other trustworthy peers who also belong.  

Danielle Lamothe, Vice President, Learning and Innovation at CSAE Canadian Society of Association Executives commented, "we decided to use Credivera to extend a network of trust to our executive members, promoting a new standard for professional achievements. This transparency and trust is a key element for those in the non-profit sector and Credivera's unalterable, verifiable digital credentials fulfilled that requirement compared to using a static digital badging program."

Credivera will be working with CSAE’s partner network to provide proof of certifications throughout their respective organizations. "CSAE will expand their collective mission by adding value to designations and certificates they offer and linking them into existing professional standards. The result is executive credentials that are identifiable to peers and employers, elevating the credibility and professionalism they desire amongst members," shared Maggie Rigaux, Credivera Chief Growth Officer.

Credivera is a member of the International Council on Badges and Credentials, chairing the committee responsible for setting the global standards required for issuing organizations and associations.

About Credivera:

Credivera is the world’s first secure, open exchange for verifiable credentials. A leader in workforce management and digital identity, Credivera gives employees, employers, and organizations that issue credentials increased productivity and control of how important credentials are stored and shared. The Credivera Exchange optimizes personal privacy and trust, with up-to-date verifiable credentials secured in a digital wallet, resulting in reduced risk for all. Founded in 2017, with offices in Toronto and Calgary, Credivera supports regulated industries and global technology firms in over 30 countries worldwide. Get more out of what you know at

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