Alex Simons of Microsoft Highlights Credivera During Keynote Presentation - Identiverse Conference

June 22, 2023

Identiverse 2023: Open Standards for the Intelligent Trust Fabric

In 2023, Credivera's work was highlighted as a significant step forward for the digital identity industry. Connecting authorized issuers, holders and verifiers across the most widely acclaimed digital credential standards, Credivera supports all aspects of a professional digital ID: employment, education, licensing, membership, and insurance. With thousands of issuers already supported by Credivera, employers benefit from real-time verifications immediately.

Mr. Simons shared his thoughts on Credivera's work during the keynote presentation. "I also want to highlight the deployment I'm the most excited about, with a Canadian company called CANA Construction, which does commercial development of very big buildings, facilities, stadiums, and so forth. Their challenge is making sure that everyone on a construction site has the correct certifications, such as CPR training, has completed their safety trainings, and has passed any required health exams. Traditionally, CANA had to do all this with paper-based credentials. Working with our partner Credivera, they've been able to transition to a completely digitized model using verified credentials," said Alex Simons, Corporate Vice President of Product Management, Microsoft Identity and Network Access Division.

Presentation Highlights

The Trust Fabric: from identity as a control plane to identity infused everywhere

Strong authentication

Decentralized identities

Machine identities

Authorization policy

What’s next?


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