Credivera Completes a Successful Test with Shared Services Canada to Enable the Use of Digital Workforce Credentials

May 30, 2024

CALGARY, Alberta and TORONTO and GATINEAU, Quebec, May 30, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Credivera has successfully completed a test contract in the Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) Testing Stream with Shared Services Canada (SSC). This rigorous testing process, conducted in an operational environment and under real-life conditions, has proven the robustness and reliability of Credivera's innovation.

For Credivera, the testing process represented a significant step forward in evaluating the solution’s usefulness through independent testing. The program gave Credivera access to resources that would otherwise not be available to an organization of similar size. Through an iterative approach, validation of both technical and usability aspects, ensured that Credivera adheres to best-in-class interoperability, accessibility, and usability standards.

"In a world where authenticity is increasingly challenged by generative AI, individuals and organizations need solutions that safeguard trust. The completion of the testing phase with the federal government validated of our vision for a more interconnected and trusted credentialing ecosystem and digital future. The program itself proved immensely valuable to Credivera," said Dan Giurescu, CEO of Credivera.

Credivera is pleased to announce that it has qualified to submit an application to the Government of Canada Pathway to Commercialization program for workforce identity solutions. Through the Pathway to Commercialization under ISC's testing stream, eligible small and medium-sized Canadian businesses can receive commercial contracts based on the successful testing and market-readiness of their innovation.

A Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

As the world continues to shift towards digital interactions, the demand for secure, privacy-centric, and tamper-proof workforce identity solutions has never been more pressing. Credivera’s ecosystem deployment model connects employers, credential issuers, and workers through a secure, open exchange for verifiable digital credentials. This innovation provides:

Accessibility: Credivera works closely with Canadian and Global agencies to align its innovation with accessibility and regulatory requirements.

Privacy and Security: Credivera’s innovation prioritizes user privacy and data security. Verifiable credentials ensure that individuals have control over their information, enhancing trust in digital interactions while reducing the risk of identity theft.

Tamper-Proof Assurance: Leveraging advanced cryptographic standards, Credivera's innovation creates tamper-proof verifiable credentials, improving trust in the data while mitigating the risk of fraud.

Interoperability: The Credivera solution seamlessly integrates with existing digital infrastructures, fostering interoperability and ease of adoption across diverse ecosystems.

Efficiency: Verification processes are streamlined, reducing administrative overhead and enhancing efficiency for issuing bodies, individuals, and organizations.

About Credivera

Credivera is the pioneer of the world’s first secure, open exchange for verifiable credentials, known as the Credivera Exchange. As a leader in workforce management and digital identity, Credivera empowers employees, employers, and organizations that issue credentials by increasing productivity and control over how important credentials are stored and shared. The Credivera Exchange optimizes personal privacy and trust with up-to-date, verifiable credentials secured in a digital wallet, reducing risk for all parties involved. Credivera was founded in Alberta in 2018, with a presence in Toronto and Gatineau. Find out more at


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