Agilus and Credivera create a people-centric business by employing Microsoft Entra Verified ID

November 3, 2022

Microsoft features Credivera and Agilus in their latest case study for Entra Verified ID.

The case study describes how Agilus partners with Credivera, a leader in workforce management and digital identity, to help ensure complete credential verification. Credivera, in turn, bases its solution on Agilus’s deep recruiting expertise. Combining this synergy with Microsoft Entra Verified ID streamlined a recruiting process designed to optimize the hiring process for everyone.


Confronting the obstacles between skilled workers and employers

Choosing a Microsoft identity solution

Empowering every job seeker

"Streamlining the credential verification process helps everyone involved in the process. And to succeed in the talent recruiting field, you need to be innovative, moving forward with solutions that make it easy for candidates and clients to work with you," said Jeffrey Bowen: Vice President of Operational Excellence Agilus Work Solutions.


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