ISV Spotlight Series with Brody Langley Strategic Partnerships, Startups & ISVs - Americas at Microsoft

May 29, 2023

The ISV Spotlight Series features leading Microsoft ISVs from Canada, taking an inside look at how they navigated the challenges and successes of growing a software business.

In this interview, Elena and Brody discuss the need for improved verification and management of credentials and foundational identity, and how Credivera is solving this costly challenge for public and private organizations.


Working with the Microsoft technical team to advance verifiable credentials

Working with the Microsoft sales team to reach a much wider network of customers

Publishing the Credivera Exchange as a Transact offer on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

How Credivera helps organizations manage worker credentials (education, work experience, licenses, etc)

How individuals are in control of their credentials, where and how they share and ultimately have the ability to revoke access

What's next for Credivera? Growing the credential types supported by the Credivera Exchange and passwordless access using verifiable credentials


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