Credivera: Empowering the Future of Identity in the Workplace

June 4, 2023

In June 2023, Credivera joined world leaders in identity for the annual Identiverse conference. Credivera showcased current clients with existing deployments of digital credentials in the workforce. These are issuers, holders and verifiers using Entra Verified ID and W3C JSON-LD standards for verifiable credentials.  

"I want to highlight for you the deployment in the world I am most excited about. It's so real, it's really neat. Working with our partner Credivera, [CANA has] transitioned to a fully digitized model using verified credentials" - Microsoft’s keynote, Alex Simons, Corporate Vice President of Identity & Network Access Product Management, spotlighted Credivera’s innovation for digital identity in workforce verifications.  Credivera - Identiverse Keynote

Keynote Identiverse
Microsoft’s keynote, Alex Simons, Corporate Vice President of Identity & Network Access Product Management

Credivera’s work is a significant step forward for the digital identity industry

Connecting authorized issuers, holders and verifiers across the most widely acclaimed digital credential standards, Credivera supports all aspects of a professional digital ID: employment, education, licensing, membership, and insurance. With thousands of issuers already supported by Credivera, employers benefit from real-time verifications immediately.

Delivering a digital identity wallet, but more importantly the infrastructure that enables credentials to be issued and verified regardless of source system configuration, Credivera is a service that directly leverages existing technologies and removes all the friction typically found in large-scale deployments. This focus on interoperability has created a unique place for Credivera in the global rollout of verifiable credentials.  

As all the transactions are stateless, the individual’s privacy is protected at all times.  

Paper Credentials
Credivera has solved the employer challenge of verifying skills of high-risk workers, cost effectively, while eliminating stacks of paper

Credivera Identity Platform
After Credivera, both the worker and the employer get instant notifications of “conditions met for job assignment”

Unique Credivera Benefits

Credivera enables you to control, manage and share digital credentials in real-time. This acts to lower hiring and onboarding costs, enhance performance and value for workers such that reputation is protected and improved.

  • Audit compliance
  • Verified certificates at source
  • Real-time notifications of what is VALID, EXPIRED or REVOKED
  • Real-time reports about your entire crew
  • Secure worksite access with pre-clearance  

About Identiverse

The event brings together thousands of security professionals from more than 700 companies worldwide. The 2023 conference offered an unparalleled opportunity for education, collaboration, and insight into the future of identity.

The Ultimate Identity Conference

The conference was designed to cater to a wide range of audience types, including CISOs, CTOs, COOs, CIOs, developers, and many others interested in where things are and are heading in the digital identity space.

Notable Speakers

The conference featured a stellar lineup of speakers, including:

  • Alex Simons, Corporate Vice President, Identity & Network Access Product Management, Microsoft
  • Andre Durand, Founder & CEO, Ping Identity
  • Hannah Rutter, Deputy Director Digital Identity, Department for Science, Innovation and Technology
  • Ian Glazer, SVP, Product Management, Salesforce
  • Will Charnley, Managing Director, Liminal

Looking Forward

The conference provided a platform for the top experts in the industry to share their knowledge and vision, shaping the direction of identity technology and its impact on our digital lives. As we reflect on the insights and discussions from Identiverse 2023, it's clear that the future of identity is a dynamic and evolving landscape and Credivera has a bright future in the space!  

Connect with Credivera

The Credivera Exchange optimizes personal privacy and trust with up-to-date, verifiable credentials secured in a digital wallet. To learn more about how Credivera's innovative digital identity and compliance solutions can provide workforce IDs for your organization, schedule a one-on-one demo with our product experts today.  

Available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Credivera can be licensed with just a couple of clicks!

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