Collision 2023: Digital Identity, Placing You at the Core

July 4, 2023

Missed us at Collision? Here is what happened. Collision 2023 welcomed companies experiencing hyper-growth to be part of a special group called “unicorns in the making”. We were selected. As founders of Credivera we shared our advice and experiences running a high-growth startup, managing scale, and thriving in the day-to-day activities of our company.

Our co-founder and CTO Elena Dumitrascu presented on Centre stage  and during the Growth Summit. Showcasing how Credivera is leading globally in the development and rollout of verified workforces, we received lots of interest from investors, partners and the media.

Collision 2023 showed how far reaching our solution is. Recognition from investors, the media, new partners and customers in the form of one-on-one meetings, new signups and hearing over and over again “I’ve been looking for a solution like this, and I’m glad I found it”.  

Our Highlights from Collision 2023

  • Credivera was the exclusive workforce identity solution showcased
  • Digital identity comes in two forms: for work and for personal use
  • Digital identity solutions place the individual at the core, protecting their privacy
  • Digital identities help in verifying who people are, authenticating them and getting them access to the right systems
  • Trust matters when it comes to digital identity
  • Accessibility and privacy are essential for people using digital services
  • Work identity, which is what Credivera specializes in, includes all aspects that make a person ready for a job: education, professional designations, employment history, insurance as well as who they are
  • This is the advent of a new industry. The role of digital identity is fast expanding.  

The Trusted Workforce Identity Platform  

Earlier this year, Credivera achieved another major milestone, in being recognized by Microsoft as a Preferred Solution in the secure and open exchange of verifiable credentials and digital identity solutions. With this milestone, came our listing on Microsoft Transact Azure Marketplace, making Credivera the only verifiable credential solution to achieve this prestigious status to date, allowing organizations to procure our technology directly from the Microsoft store. 

Our digital solution holds worker's certifications and when new achievements are added, they can be included in the employer's projects. These certifications and credentials are always updating directly from the issuing source, accessible anytime in the cloud, and always secure.    

  • Real-time aggregation of digital identities (e.g. background checks, education, licences & certifications)
  • With a cloud-based platform, we provide the most secure and convenient solution to validate skills in the market
  • Unlike other badges that show only a point-in-time achievement, we provide continuous verification of certification directly from the issuing source because - your company can’t afford to not know.

Join us to advance this work in the second half of 2023 as new clients on the Credivera Exchange!

Connect with Credivera  

The Credivera Exchange optimizes personal privacy and trust with up-to-date, verifiable credentials secured in a digital wallet. To learn more about how Credivera's innovative digital identity and compliance solutions can protect the integrity of your program, schedule a one-on-one demo with our product experts today.

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